The world's first cable ladder made of recyclable thermoplastic material

Bandeja de escalera 67 Unex la primera en material termoplástico del mundo

Once again we have revolutionised the sector with an innovative product. Discover the insulating cable ladder with unique technical features!

The Cable ladder 67 in thermoplastic material is the perfect example of an innovative product from a manufacturer specializing in electrical insulating solutions. Never before has a cable ladder been made of thermoplastic material.

Innovative specialist manufacturer

The desire to innovate in order to improve and the constant work have turned a dream, which seemed impossible to achieve, into a reality and a world novelty.

The challenge of manufacturing a cable ladder in thermoplastic material, with technical characteristics that can compete and exceed those of the conventional cable ladders available on the market, began to take shape and form more than a decade ago.

Convinced that it can be done and, together with our team of engineers, research and our own formulation of the raw material, we have marked a before and after in our sector.

Instalación de Bandeja de escalera 67

Differentiated technical characteristics

The innovative system of the Insulating cable ladder 67, thanks to our own formulation of the raw material - U23X, offers maximum electrical safety and provides additional insulation that is maintained over time.

The requirements of professional applications, which demand a guaranteed product that can be used in the long term, now have the perfect solution to meet the highest demands of the industrial sector.

Bandeja 67 Unex en ambientes químicos corrosivos

Being an insulating material, there is no need to earth or paint the tray each time it is cut, which means great savings and ease of installation, site management and maintenance.

In chemical environments, where there is wet or saline corrosion, Unex's insulating material is inherently resistant.  The protection against corrosion remains unaltered in time and after the handling of the product.

More than 45 years of experience in outdoor installations with the Insulating cable tray 66 in U23X, guarantee good behaviour of this material outdoors and against UV rays, thus extending the performance of the Insulating cable ladder 67.

Here you can find all the technical information about our Insulating cable ladder 67.


Saving time and money

With Unex´s Insulating cable ladder 67 system both vertical and horizontal type of installations are possible.

Instalación vertical con Bandeja de escalera 67

If you are worried about fixing the cables in vertical installations, Unex solves this problem with the cable cleat, an innovative product due to its design and ease of assembly.

Thanks to its external dimensions, the Insulating cable ladder 67 is compatible with the cover of the Insulating cable tray 66.

If you want to use the cover, but you need a good ventilation of the cables, the raised cover clamp is what you need. For a greater distance, with just 1 click you can join 2 raised cover clamps obtaining both good ventilation and protection for the cables.


Bandeja de escalera 67 Unex con anclajes de cables y distanciador de tapa

The system of this tray is designed to facilitate the work, saving you time and money. You have all the necessary parts, with immediate availability, to make a complete installation, fast and safe, without burrs, sparks, or irritating dust when cutting and without the need for welding for assembly.


If you have an industrial project and need information about our Insulated cable ladder 67, contact our team of experts for a personalised costumer service.

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