A green look towards the future

Una mirada verde

At Unex, since 1964, we have been creating environments that offer maximum security to facilities and users, providing a better quality of life for people.

Today we are specialists in sustainable electrical insulating systems for any field, from industrial to residential, as a result of an intense process of research and innovation.

Some decades ago, when the world was beginning to experience a growing concern for environmental issues, at Unex we anticipated the future by concentrating our R&D efforts on offering recyclable solutions in the world of plastics.

Materias primas propias Unex

And we began to substitute the most harmful chemical products in the industrial production of our raw materials, initiating a green evolution towards sustainability without undermining the perfect performance of our trunkings, cable trays, mini trunkings, etc. which has been endorsed by the international RoHSII directive and certified for use in sustainable buildings (LEED, HQE & DGNB).

Certificación Rohs

Approved quality

The tradition of quality, both in our products and in their applications, is accredited by strict compliance with the standards with a long list of international approvals, which guarantee that all technical data have been verified by external control agencies.

Marcas de calidad en los productos Unex

An excellent team

At Unex we know that our talent is much more than a simple sum of individual talents, it is the exponential result of the teamwork of the people who work with us, committed to excellence. The search for efficiency, continuous improvement and the high added value of our products allows us to offer the best solutions, internationally accredited, both in functionality and sustainability.

We always respond

Working in close collaboration with our clients, listening to them, solving their doubts and providing solutions, has made us a benchmark brand in the sector. At Unex we consider customer service as a unique and special added value that, together with careful planning and a high supply capacity, drives us not only to meet your needs but also to exceed your expectations.

Centro logístico Unex

Committed since 1964

For all this, and for 56 years, at Unex we are proud to:

  • Contribute to the safety and wellbeing of people
  • Have promoted our own evolution towards sustainable plastic.
  • And to go ahead in complying with the global commitment to slow environmental degradation.

Because thinking green implies acting green.


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