Adapting homes for remote working

Adapting homes for remote working

Working from home is here to stay, and like us, our homes will have to make small adjustments. Adapting wiring without construction work is a challenge. Do you want to know our solutions? Keep reading and we will tell you everything.

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed the way we live, relate and work. One of its most immediate consequences is remote working.

According to some studies, it is thought that up to 30% of people could continue to work from home, and even up to 60% in the case of some professions.

El teletrabajo ha aumentado en los últimos meses a consecuencia de la pandemia

Remote working has become a necessity and something is clear: it is here to stay. But do workers have enough tools to do it? Are homes ready to become offices?

The electrical instalation of homes and remote working

Most homes today have internet access and a good wireless connection, which up to now has only been used for leisure purposes. During these long weeks of lockdown, the demands on networks have multiplied and problems have arisen in our daily routines: poor network during a meeting? Network outage during an online class? These problems are mainly due to network availability in the home, inadequate telecommunications installations, wiring and internet access points etc.

The rapid increase in remote working will lead to many improvements in home networks. The new requirements are added to the fact that many of the homes are old and need solutions adapted to the regulations.

Interior del Zócalo técnico 80 Unex

An evaluation of home wiring installations by qualified professionals will make homes safer and better prepared to meet our day to day needs.

What do home owners need to take into account in order to adapt their homes?

Most home owners are unaware of the risks of an outdated electrical installation and don’t realise that the wiring and its protection are key elements in fire prevention. Overcoming these deficiencies is important to reduce these risks, given that working from home can drastically increase energy loads and consumption which can cause faults and short circuits.

Los productos Unex aportan flexibilidad en la instalación

Some of the basic needs when adapting the home for remote working:

  • Flexible wiring solutions for workstations.
  • An installation that integrates aesthetically into the home, in a discreet way and that fits in with the style of the home.
  • Improving access for those with limited mobility. Hide and protect loose cables.
  • Small adjustments which don’t require breaking walls, painting or moving existing wiring.        
  • Low budget solutions that meet your needs quickly and easily.

Unex has the answer:

At Unex we have solutions to adapt homes to home working and meet all home owners’ needs being at the same time easy and quick for professionals to install. Skirting board duct 80, Mini trunking 78 and Trunking 93 offer the possibility to run wiring without breaking walls nor generating waste.

Our products offer electrical safety, the ability to run different types of wiring in the same trunking and freedom to choose and combine any type of mechanism on the market, and are perfectly suited for any environment or style of décor. Easy to relocate or extend the work stations.

Robust, with straight lines, our products have a neutral design to ensure aesthetic and durable finishings. In addition, they can be painted with the most common paints on the market to minimise the visual impact of the construction elements.

They hide and protect the wiring, meet the highest requirements in resisting impacts like blows from a chair or a vacuum cleaner etc., removing plugs from the sockets and provide the necessary level of protection for the wiring from blunt objects.

Unex products for remote work

Surface mounted Skirting board 80, Mini trunking 78 and Trunking 93 reduce the cost of new installations, of maintenance and future modifications as it’s easy to access the wiring to extend or adapt it. Furthermore, they do not generate waste, neither constructive (rubbish, noise...) nor energetic. It’s a low energy solution which doesn’t require water or cement.

El auge del teletrabajo generará pequeñas reformas eléctricas para adaptar las instalaciones

No supply headaches thanks to the 100% availability of our products. Every reference in our catalogue is always in stock and available thanks to our world wide distribution network.

Does your project have special cabling needs?

We offer assessment on how to use our products for any job and even how to adapt them to create the custom configurations you imagine.

Contact us!

Using our products will save you time and money and will give you a satisfying and integrated installation, perfectly adapted to the style of your home.



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