Installing an air conditioner at home has never been easier

Instalación de aire acondicionado fácil y rápido

Would you like to improve the climatic comfort of your home without spending a lot of money or making breaking walls? Here's how to do it.

This last year we have spent much more time at home, living it to the fullest and putting its spaces to the test, using them as an office, meeting room or classroom.


Thus, with the prospect of an atypical summer, marked by the uncertainty of this "new normal", many families are considering the need to solve one of the main drawbacks that most enclosed spaces have at this time of year: the heat.

The best solution is to install an air conditioning system that provides climatic comfort and increases the feeling of well-being inside the home. But the possibility of having to carry out renovation projects that involve long working days within the same space as we are and invasive interventions in the building structure (with the consequent costs that this causes), can be a brake when it comes to deciding.

Aire acondicionado

To answer these challenges, Unex offers a complete range of products that allow you to easily and simply solve the management of pipes and cables throughout the installation process of air conditioning units, adjusting to the specific needs of each space.

Surface mounted, our products provide a complete, clean and construction-friendly solution that minimizes the need for heavy building work, simplifies the maintenance of installations and provides an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch.

Vivienda con aire acondicionado tipo split

Solutions for indoor spaces

The most commonly used air-conditioning system in homes is the split type. Its installation has a significant visual impact on the environment. Therefore, it is essential to have materials that facilitate the handling of pipes and cables, speed up the assembly process without damaging the walls and ensure an aesthetic and durable finishing.

Canal 31 con diferentes bases

To meet these needs, Unex offers the Trunking 31, with an innovative, robust and rectilinear design that integrates with the construction elements.

It is a versatile solution, with different types of bases to choose from in order to select the best option in each case.

To know in detail each type of assembly, we invite you to watch the following video:

Another solution can be Trunking 30. The robustness of this trunking absorbs the deformations of the pipes and the irregularities of the wall, giving a good finishing to the installation.

Unex trunkings can be painted with any type of paint available on the market, for a better integration in the environment.

Outdoor installations

Outdoors, the pipes and their insulation are directly exposed to UV rays, inclement weather and bird attack. All these factors affect the performance of the equipment.

Unex products are suitable for outdoors, they will protect the installation, providing greater durability and performance of the machines.

Instalaciones a la intemperie

For an efficient and safe functioning of your air conditioner, always hire a professional.

Benefits of Unex products for HVAC installations

  • With Unex products you will have long-lasting, reliable installations that integrate perfectly in any environment.
  • Easy to install, our solutions will save you time and money.


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