U-Digital: the Unex content and application platform

U-Digital Services

This new customer area is designed so that professionals in the sector, distributors, installers and specifiers can access all our content and applications from a single portal.

In response to the expectations of our customers and the current requirements of the electrical sector, we have created the Unex customer area, U-Digital Services. 


Exclusive services for professionals in the electrical sector

Its purpose is to provide customised services that adapt to the way our customers work, optimising the time and start-up of any project or wiring management solution for electrical, telecommunications and air conditioning installations.

Among its services, allows dimensioning the size of a cable tray, trunking or slotted trunking according to the number of cables to be placed inside it using Unexproject. It also offers the possibility to create virtual models for better planning, construction and project management through the BIM/CAD Library; or to obtain a list of all the materials required for an installation, with the Configurator tool.

In addition, U-Digital Services provides exclusive content, such as the Technical Data Sheets of all Unex product ranges or the FIE3 Price Bank, which works as a database in and is compatible with all budget and measurement programmes. And finally, the Blog, a tool for keeping up to date on our different solutions, cases of success and news from the sector.

Arquitectos trabajando en U-Digital

The platform for managing your Unex projects

In summary, U-Digital Services is made up of various tools that provide reliable, fast and simple solutions through software and content adapted to each type of work or project of our customers.

In this way, the new platform has everything necessary to become an essential space for any query related to Unex products and their applications.

Why use U-Digital Services?

The comprehensive incorporation of digital tools in European organisations is becoming increasingly consolidated. In fact, the European Union's Digital Strategy for the decade 2020-2030 includes as one of its four cardinal points the need to promote the "digital transformation of companies"

In this context, platforms such as the one we are launching today are the right choice for both companies and customers. The services we offer save time and money along the entire value chain, because they are adapted to our customers' current way of working.

As specialists in innovative insulating cable management systems with more than fifty years of experience, our new customer service has the same characteristic commitment to excellence that is part and parcel of Unex.

As a result, users of our new customer areal will get valuable information from specialists like us.

We are convinced that initiatives like U-Digital Services help to improve the consistency of information, establish faster communication and increase the added value of the product for all customers.

We encourage you to try out our U-Digital Services platform.

If you need more information, we will be happy to help you.

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On the Unex blog, we cover a wide range of topics of interest and share experiences from our clients. We remind you that all legal information and information regarding compliance with applicable regulations can be found on our official website. We invite you to consult it for a more comprehensive and accurate understanding.


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