Unex Configurator: get the list of materials for your project in just four steps

New Configurator

Fast, reliable and easy to use. That’s the Unex Configurator, our new digital tool, designed to help you manage your projects or installations in just a few clicks.

We set out to take a further step in the digital transformation. For this reason, we have launched the Unex Configurator as part of U-Digital Services, our customer area.

By selecting the configuration parameters of the project, you will get the list of materials necessary to achieve a correct assembly. In addition, it will be in accordance with current regulations and ready to place your order with the distributor.

New Configurator

How does it work?

The Configurator is a software tool for professional users of electrical material distribution, authorised installers, engineers or architects, hosted on our website > Unex Configurator.

It works by completing four simple steps:

Step one: Select what type of installation you want to make (cable distribution by means of trunkings or cable trays, power supply to workspaces, cabinets and machinery supplies...).

Step two: Choose the product family that you need and its characteristics (mounting option, raw material, temperature...)

Step three: Choose the sizes of the products to be used.

Step four: Get the list of materials.

We explain everything in the following video.

We encourage you to try the Unex Configurator.

If you need more information about our Configurator, we will be pleased to help you.

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