Electrical installations resistant to extreme cold with Unex

Bandejas aislantes Unex durabilidad en climas extremos.

Tests and project experiences with more than 40 years of service prove the durability of Unex insulating solutions in extreme climates.

Winter is here, and, although the most obvious consequences of global warming have been seen with the high temperatures recorded in recent summers, the truth is that the winter cold is also breaking records. Faced with this scenario of extremes, one thing is clear: we must be prepared.

In the context of electrical installations, you know as an installer that temperatures also affect the safety, durability, and, ultimately, the profitability of the professional projects you are responsible for. So, the question arises: will the insulating cable trays installed months ago withstand the cold weather that is on the way? The answer, when it comes to Unex products, is a resounding yes.

Our trays and trunkings are made of thermoplastic materials that not only withstand but also maintain their performance in extreme climates. This has been proven through numerous tests in the laboratory and through experience in installations that have been in service for more than forty years as well.

Based on the above, we will now provide you with four reasons to install our insulating trays in cold environments.

Unex en climas gélidos.


1. High impact resistance at low temperatures

Extreme temperatures affect all raw materials and cause their mechanical characteristics to change. At very low temperatures, ordinary plastic material tends to become stiffer and brittle, which increases the risk of fractures due to impact. This phenomenon raises serious concerns, especially in electrical installations, where the structural integrity of components is essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of systems. This is where our dedication to quality stands out.

To guarantee the safety and durability of the installations, as well as to gain the confidence of our most demanding customers, at Unex, we test our material at the minimum declared temperature, that is to say, at its point of maximum fragility. Therefore, the insulating cable tray 66 and the insulating cable ladder 67 were tested at -20°C, according to the EN 61537 standard. The results are remarkable: from a width of 150mm, all trays reach an impact resistance of 20 J.


 2. Adaptability in extreme conditions

Fotovoltaica flotante más grande de Europa con Bandejas 66 UnexUnex goes beyond conventional standards by recognising that the -20°C declaration does not cover all situations. With almost six decades of experience and an established international presence, we understand that there are geographical areas and industrial processes with considerably lower temperatures. We offer our products to them as well.

One example is the agri-food industry, a strong sector in Spain with significant growth in the meat sector, mainly driven by exports. Specifically, the pork sector exports more than 50% of its total production to EU countries and, surprisingly, to destinations as far afield as China and Japan.

In this context, to ensure that the meat arrives in optimal conditions, ultra-rapid freezing technologies are used, which freeze the food in a few seconds, sealing it and preventing it from dehydrating and losing nutrients, operating down to -70ºC.

The ability of Unex to adapt to these extreme demands, especially in critical sectors such as the food industry, reflects our experience and commitment to innovative solutions that exceed expectations in challenging conditions.

3. Outstanding performance at -50 ºC and -70 ºC

Túnel de congelamiento. Industria alimentaria.At Unex, we trust in our unique thermoplastics, and although it was not an easy task as there are virtually no test chambers where such low temperatures can be recreated, we decided to make all efforts to test our trays at extremely low temperatures.

Thus, we carried out impact tests of the insulating cable ladder 67, in U23X and U48X, at -50ºC, where the resistance was between 10 and 20J depending on the measurements.

In addition, for the project of a freezing tunnel in a food industry company in Catalonia, we were able to test the insulating cable tray 66 in U23X at -70ºC. The result of this last test was spectacular: all dimensions, from 150 mm in width, maintained an impact resistance of 20J.


4. Commitment to excellence and innovation

When it comes to electrical installations that must withstand extremely low temperatures, Unex is the leader. Our commitment to excellence and innovation, backed by decades of experience, provides the peace of mind that professionals need in challenging environments.

If you need your installation to withstand extremely low temperatures, then remember Unex.

Keeping you safer since 1964.

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