The power of cable ties

Bridas Unex, la marca de más innovación y más calidad según instaladores y distribuidores.

Over five decades of manufacturing, the small but strong Unex cable ties have come a long way, managing to withstand all kinds of environments and loads. Today, we introduce you to their history.

On Thursday, 5th October, we were honoured with the C Awards for Electrical Material in two categories: "Highest Quality Brand" and "Best Innovation" in cable ties. These awards are of great value to us as they are given to us by industry insiders, mainly professional installers and distributors, who, through an online vote, selected the most outstanding companies based on their own customer experience. For this reason, and first of all, many thanks to those of you who voted for us!

In this context, we would like to recall the history of this product, designed to facilitate the bundling and fixing of cables and pipes in industrial installations... Our cable ties were the first plastic cable ties to be launched on the Spanish market back in 1970 under the name Unexfix and are now one of our bestsellers with the new product name Cable Tie 22.

Of course, the reputation of our cable ties is no coincidence. It is the result of constant research aimed at offering the most innovative insulating cable management in the electrical sector.

This is how, over five decades of manufacturing, Unex cable ties have been able to prove their "power" going far and withstanding anything: from applications in high-speed rail projects, deep-water installations in the Atlantic, assemblies of photovoltaic plants in extreme climates, proving its detectability in the food industry, and even offering high durability in harsh environments of the aerospace industry.

Unex cable ties... – three words that, for some, are one and the same – are now part of our company's identity.

bridas unex calidad e innovación

The origin of a brilliant idea

At Unex we introduced the first cable ties to the Spanish market in 1970. Until then, cables were tied with rope, insulating tape, pieces of cable or wires, among others. Aware of the limitations this meant, we decided, inspired by an American invention, to produce our own clamps: the Unexfix.

Bridas UnexThe results were not long in coming. Within a short time, the use of cable ties became standardised, marking a turning point in the way fasteners were used.

About fifteen years earlier, in 1956, the first cable ties had been invented by Marcus C. Logan, an employee of an American electrical company. After visiting Boeing's aeronautics facility, he observed the cuts and calluses on workers' hands from tying wax-coated and braided nylon cords around cables.

To solve this problem, Logan designed a non-retractable plastic toothed strip which, once hooked on, can be used to tie, join, or fix pipes or cables. Hence, the cable ties were born, a brilliant idea that made it possible for the first time to offer a strong, light, easy, and safe solution for handling in large-scale industrial installations.

In 1974, and always innovating for our customers, we introduced the Cable Tie 22, manufactured to American military standards. Our aim was to create a solution that could fulfil the highest requirements. Just as the advertising in Spain at the time portrayed it – a product that is "a really tough nut to crack". That was how this product started to be known for its resistance and, little by little, to become the benchmark.

Known as plastic ties, in the Chilean market; straps, in the Mexican market or cable ties in the international market, the quality of our cable ties is accredited by the compliance, certification and approvals of the most demanding quality brands in the market, but, above all, it is endorsed by its history, development progress and by the evaluation of our customers.

As an example of this, installer Francisco Ruf, from the Catalan company Laival, is of the opinion:

"The Unex cable ties are 100% reliable. They don't break when you install them, and they hold up, even if the sun shines on them all day. Their durability is unmatched. We have tried other brands, but we have always had problems of different kinds. That's why we don't search any more: we go straight for the cable ties and for the Unex trunking too. Also, the products are always available, which speeds up the process of all installations".

 Francisco Ruf.


Cable ties around the world

Good ideas have the ability to transcend beyond their initial context. This principle can be illustrated with cable ties, which were initially designed as a solution in industrial environments. But they have also influenced fashion, as luxury brands have seen the chance to sell bracelets and rings using their traditional design, and in contemporary art also, with works by leading artists such as the Dutch plastic artist Theo Jansen or design and decoration.

In this respect, the versatility of a product is an indicator of its "power". For this reason, we are also proud to be outstanding in manufacturing a solution that allows creativity to flow...

... And we continue to innovate

Open Brid ClickWe also continue to innovate and research in order to offer reliable solutions to niche markets where higher standards are required.

Our expertise has allowed us to introduce improvements to achieve unquestionable advancements in cable ties, aimed at improving their use and reliability.

The ease of threading, the absence of breakages, the durability over time, the lack of burrs... make them a point of reference for professionals.

In addition, we have recently introduced half-meter cable ties, which are ideal for applications such as photovoltaics. And that's not all. We have also listened to the needs of installers, and have created an easy opening system, Open Brid, which saves time and hassle when using the cable ties on a day-to-day basis.

Do you know our cable ties, and do you know how to recognise them? Unex cable ties are always engraved with our logo, the symbols of the quality marks, and the reference number of the product.


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