Rooftop supports 60 for a 100% insulating cable management system

Soportes horizontales Unex instalados en Subestación Ceske Drahy Chuchle, República Checa

These are the 4 Unex products that facilitate the assembly of trays, support them under full load, and provide maximum electrical and mechanical safety.

At Unex, we are specialists in the manufacture of insulating cable management systems. Since 1964, we have had a clear vision: to offer solutions that increase people's safety in the world of electrical, telecommunications, and air conditioning installations. Today, products such as the Cable Tray 66 or the Cable Ladder 67, in U23X or U48X, are points of reference within the market and have established themselves as the highest quality thermoplastics.

If we are talking about high-performance trays, ideal for their durability to be installed in corrosive areas and with a high load capacity, the supports have to be just as resistant. Therefore, we updated ours some time ago to launch the 60 family, which offers different supports and screws for fixing the tray. They are compatible with both: the Cable Tray 66 and the Cable Ladder 67. On top of that, it will help you to achieve the perfect insulating cable management system.

Flat rooftop supports: fast installation

Soporte azoteas Unex. Sin rellenos ni taladros.

There are more and more rooftop installations, where it is impossible to drill holes to fix the trays. It was exactly what we have had in mind when we created our flat Rooftop Support 60, a ballasted support that avoids the need to drill holes in the roof and does not need any kind of filler to fix it because it stays in place thanks to its own weight.

This product consists of a concrete base and a rail made of insulating material. This makes it inherently resistant to corrosion and other outdoor factors, such as extreme temperatures in the summer. In addition, it has a rubber base to prevent any damage to the roof surface. It is compatible with our Cable Tray 66 and Cable Ladder 67, and you can find out more installation options by checking the mounting instructions.


Horizontal supports for easy fixing of trays to the wall

Soportes horizontales Unex para fijar bandejas fácilmente.

With the launch of the Cable Ladder 67, which supports more load than the Cable Tray 66, it became essential to redesign the former horizontal supports, which have been on the market for more than 25 years, to improve their features and make them compatible with all our cable trays.

With its revolutionary design, we have managed to increase the load capacity by up to 25% in some dimensions and, at the same time, reduce its weight, which is very noticeable. They can be found in sizes ranging from 100 to 600 mm and are manufactured in U48X, a material of our own formulation with a 100% recycled and halogen-free thermoplastic component.

Furthermore, all edges and corners of the horizontal support are rounded and have a certain slope to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt.

The new shape of this product also allows the tray fastening screws to be fitted very easily, reducing installation time. They incorporate multiple slots that allow several trays to be combined as well.

In the same way, the wall anchoring has been changed from three to two screws, which also makes assembly easier, and they are fixed directly to the wall by means of two metal anchors with a diameter of 8 mm or 10 mm. These are compatible with the old U and Omega profiles for multi-layer runs, as well as with metallic strut channels BS6946 and our new insulating rails.


Insulating rail: proven durability

Raí aislante, durabilidad comprobada

The use of profiles like metal strut profiles is widespread, but as we at Unex have always preferred to manufacture in insulating material to contribute to the safety of people, we have developed a strut profile in halogen-free thermoplastic, which we call insulating rail.

With this product, you will achieve the same functions as with a standard metal strut, such as separating the tray from the wall, aligning supports, or using it as a trapeze with some threaded rods... but its insulating characteristic ensures that it will not oxidise or corrode over time. This is a key distinction, as it provides your installation with the durability necessary for trouble-free operation without the need for additional maintenance throughout its useful life.

It is ideal for corrosive environments, either with chemical or saline agents. See here for some mounting ideas.


Unex fasteners: quality in detail

Tuerca raíl con muelle Unex.

Now you may ask yourself: How do I fix the support to the Unex insulating rail? … But you also know that, at Unex, we think of everything. For this reason, we have expanded our range of fasteners with a spring-channel nut.

This nut consists of a metal plate and a plastic mechanism that allows it to be turned so that it can be fixed to the rail very easily. Different screws, with and without nuts, are also available in various lengths to suit different mountings. All these items are available in grade 6 galvanised steel and 316 stainless steel.


One hundred per cent insulating

All in all, a fully insulating cable management system, manufactured by specialists like us, is what you are looking for if you want fast, safe, long-lasting, and ultimately more cost-effective installations. Our solutions are backed by our more than fifty years of experience innovating the world of electrical, telecommunications, and air conditioning installations with quality thermoplastic material.

Remember: if you need to choose the items you need for an assembly, our Configurator is at your disposal. With it, you will be able to determine all the necessary parts in no time at all.

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