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Food industry

The food industry has faced many challenges in previous decades. One of these is compliance with the high standards of quality and food safety demanded in the sector and especially the detectability of the materials used.

Food industry is one of the essential sectors in our society and one of the key sectors in our economy within the EU, accounting as it does for a total of 1.109.000 € in business figures. Also, as we have seen in these last months, the sector has been placed in a strategic and pivotal position in the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic in supplying basic essentials to homes and families. This has been possible thanks to the quick response capacity and the solid evolution of the food industry, putting into effect constantly adapted quality control and management plans, traceability and food safety measures.

Food safety, a priority

The European Commission is looking at the sector very closely, prioritising safety in production chains and ensuring food supply. With this in mind, for many years, any food business company or manufacturer whose materials come into contact with food has to comply with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), a preventative and mandatory system to comply with existing legislation.

What does this mean? HACCP is a risk prevention system applied to different phases in the food industry (production, processing, handling, storage, transport and distribution) focused on critical control points, taking measures to minimise the risk of food contamination and to guarantee safety.

Normas de seguridad en las empresas alimentarias

Contamination can come from various sources and materials (metals, glass, pebbles, plastics...) and, if it is not detected, can cause serious damage to the product and to the health and well-being of the consumer as well as the plant and the reputation of the producer. For this reason, the demands on detectability of materials is ever higher, with special emphasis on the replacement of traditional materials used with detectable ones (cable ties, gloves, rubbers, plastics, etc.) more favourable to reducing threats.

In order to help food industry businesses to meet the standards outlined in HACCP guidelines and thanks to our experience and direct contact with our clients Unex has created an improved product: Cable Ties 22 DT, our detectable cable ties.

Detectability of possible hazards: 

Our 22 DT Cable ties can be detected by various means: using metal detectors, X-ray devices or visual detection. These detection systems are implemented in the processes of each industry, farm, frozen plant, packaging, slaughterhouse... Many factors affect the sensitivity of the detectors and it’s very important to take these factors into account, for example:

  • The type of metal: ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless.
  • The orientation of the contaminant: how it falls, vertically or horizontally.
  • The aperture of the detector: influences the sensitivity of the detector.
  • The food type being tested: frozen, meat, liquid, dry…
Bridas detectatables Unex 22DT en la industria alimentaria

For these reasons it is vital that the detection is adjusted for each type of food business and product type.

Unex can offer a tailor made analysis and detectability solution to each case depending on the food type and manufacturing process.

Unex Cable Ties 22 DT

Unex Cable ties 22 DT are manufactured with our own raw material in order to achieve a product with technical specifications above market standards.

The quality of Unex products is guaranteed by the strict accomplishment of product and application standards, as well as by obtaining Quality Marks and Approvals.

Bridas detectatables Unex 22DT

Unex Cable ties 22 DT are detectable in the following cases:

  • Metal detection: Cable ties 22 DT have been tested using metal detectors. As a guide, the smallest cable tie piece detected by metal detectors until 200 mm aperture is 7mm in dry products and 9mm in humid products.
  • X Ray devices: Cable ties 22 DT  are also detectable by X Ray detectors. Depending on the density of the product being inspected, cable ties show up as different shades of grey under X Rays.
  • Visual Detection: Their blue colour allows them to be easily detected visually throughout the whole process, reducing the risk of contamination.

Detalles de las Bridas detectables 22DT de Unex

Cable ties 22DT are always in stock and we can guarantee reliable delivery and immediate availability.

Through our team of professionals we are always in contact with our clients and their needs as well as with the new requirements and demands of the sector. For this reason and because of the particularity of each case, in Unex we offer the possibility of analyzing each request in a personalized way and give the best solution.

Personal well being and plant security are our priority!

In addition, we have news about improvements that we have implemented in recent months and we look forward to explaining all the news. If you want to be the first to hear about them, send us an e-mail.


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