Unex, a specialist in electrical insulation since 1964

Unex, especialista en aislamiento eléctrico desde 1964

Discover why we are the undisputed global point of reference for insulating trays and trunkings.

Electrical hazards continue to be a problem today. 

According to the statistics of Electrical Safety First, there are around 19,300 accidental fires of electrical origin every year in the UK, which accounts for about 30%. These figures can be applied to all European countries. According to statistics from the European Fire Safety Alliance, fires caused by electrical sources or systems total 273,000 per year, which corresponds to around 25-30% of all fires in Europe.

For this reason, relying on companies that have the expertise to bring electrical safety to installations is essential.

At Unex, since our origins, we have been focused on contributing to the safety of people and facilities. This is how we have been at the forefront of electrical, telecommunications, and air conditioning installations for more than half a century, constantly innovating with cable management systems that share, for the most part, one essential characteristic: they are designed in insulating materials of our own manufacture

... But why do we use this raw material and not another? Some of the advantages of this material are that our products, both trays and trunkings, do not require grounding, maintenance, or additional safety, which provides multiple benefits to our customers, such as savings and simplification in site installation and maintenance; and, of course, maximum electrical safety.

In addition, Unex solutions seek to become more sustainable by incorporating materials that contain high degrees of recyclability (U48X) and are technically recyclable. As a result, our products are presented as one of the safest options on the market, positioning us as the benchmark in terms of insulating trays and trunkings.

We have achieved all this step by step, paving the way for insulation solutions in the European market ... And it all began 60 years ago, in 1964. Today, we tell you about some of the major milestones that have made us the leading specialist in the field.

Unex Timeline


Milestones that made the difference

In 1960, the use of rigid cable made it difficult to wire switchboards. Focused on making installers' day-to-day work safer and simpler, and knowing their needs, we designed UNEXDUCT, the first insulating slotted trunking, which made the installer's work easier and revolutionised the sector with a faster and more practical workflow.

In 1970, we introduced another transforming concept: UNEXCONS, insulating trunkings as an alternative to traditional pipes. During the same period, we introduced our cable ties, called UNEXFIX at that time, the first non-metallic cable ties introduced to the Spanish market, which are today one of our most recognised products.

Later, in 1975, we introduced UNEXBAND, the first insulating cable tray made of our proprietary thermoplastic polymer formulation, resistant to UV rays, corrosion, and outdoor conditions. The product soon became the safer choice over metal systems. In 1985, we evolved to launch our Cable Tray 66, featuring a much more durable design.

From that time, we continued to develop various ranges of trays and trunkings in our own raw materials, U23X and U48X halogen-free (1999), establishing ourselves as a leading designer and manufacturer of insulating systems.

Furthermore, twenty years ago, we set out to focus on sustainability by taking concrete actions. For example, in 2006, we were the first European manufacturer of cable management systems to comply with the RoHs Directive, which aims to reduce pollution and prevent environmental damage caused by ten hazardous materials frequently found in electrical and electronic equipment.

In the same vein, one of our latest milestones is the launch of the world's first cable ladder made of recyclable thermoplastic material, our Insulation Cable Ladder 67.

Today, Unex is the undisputed point of reference as a manufacturer of innovative, standardised, and globally sustainable insulating systems for cable management. Our work has established itself as a prestigious technical standard for its contribution to the safety and durability of installations.


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