Trunking 93: The perfect solution for public healthcare installations


Public Health installations need to roll out phased, flexible, economic responses. Unex Trunking 93 meets all the specifications for public health cabling systems.

Hospitals, primary care centers, care homes, pharmaceutical laboratories and many public health facilities have witnessed very rapid advances in clinical technology in recent years which has been evident in the evolution of their infrastructures. Many older facilities have had to roll out solutions for their patients and staff, increasing their capacity, offering more services and improving their electrical and cabling installations in order to satisfy all requirements.

We have seen in previous weeks, where the health crisis caused by Covid-19 has required an extra effort on the part of the sector in the fitting-out of public health installations for different medical and research uses, increasing the number of hospital beds to prevent a collapse in services and fitting out new technologies and field hospitals in response to urgent needs.

In this context, the need to roll out versatile, economical technological solutions, which are easy to install and maintain for all kinds of health facilities has been more urgent than ever. Also, because of the special nature of these institutions, the installation of cabling and circuitry needs to be performed with the minimum interference in the day to day running of health centers to maintain the quality of care offered to the patient.

Technological solutions for hospitals

Hospitals are designed to meet an essential need: treat patients from their admission to their recovery in the hospital environment. All this, without forgetting comfort and user experience, for both patient and sanitary professionals. 

Canaleta 93 Unex en cabecero de hospital

Among the available installations designed to prioritize patient and professional well-being in hospital wards are the integrated headboard installations. These types of installations offer multiple advantages: nurse controlled gas outlets, plug sockets, switches and LED illumination for improved energy efficiency. When choosing the right solution, the criteria are very clear: a safe option which permits the installation of various types of cable, separating circuits and offering the possibility of various systems like DIN circuits and data connections.The option to extend services and add new options is also necessary, according to the evolution of sanitary technology and needs. As we have seen with this crisis, the ability to react quickly to changing needs is vital. Hospitals, clinics and care homes need the capacity to roll out solutions.

Canaleta 93 Unex sala post-operatoria

Unex headboard solution: Trunking 93

To meet the demand in hospital wards, conventional headboard solutions are costly and time consuming as well as posing problems for care workers. Unex has been working in the  medical and pharmaceutical sectors for over 15 years and we have designed a solution in tune with the needs of health professionals and meeting expectations in cable insulation.

Canaleta 93 Unex  cabecero hospital Sant Joan de Deu

Fruit of this labour, Trunking 93 is the perfect answer to meet all the needs of the sector: technical requirements (flexibility, adaptability and easy installation) and a more economical solution and immediate delivery of the product. Trunking 93 is not just for headboards. Given the characteristics,the versatility of this product and its clean lines it can be also used for installations in corridors and waiting rooms in hospitals and testing centers.


Canaleta 93 Unex en hospital, sala de pruebas

Cabling needs in Laboratories

Thanks to Unex’s properties raw materials, the Trunking 93 is also the ideal conduction and insulation system for use in laboratories and testing areas in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as it avoids contamination in so-called “clean rooms”. These are environments specially designed so that the elements being manipulated are not contaminated or affected by particles or temperature fluctuations. Clean rooms need to strictly control environmental factors such as air particles, humidity, air flow, air pressure and illumination.

Canaleta 93 Unex en laboratorio

Trunking 93 reponds  to all the demands on interior installations preventing contamination from VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Trunking 93 also meets Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standards which combines all the relevant European requirements in one certification.

Advantages of Trunking 93 in the health sector

In view of its applications in the health sector we have brought together all its advantages as the perfect solution:

  • Compatible with any mechanism on the market: modular, universal or DIN, resolving the problem of incorporating different systems in the same installation.
  • A robust system for connecting mechanisms which avoids the need to dismount the system to disconnect mobile equipment.
  • Versatility, the principal advantage of Trunking 93: it can be used as a trunking or as a junction box. Being so easy to fit and use and entirely adaptable, it has become an industry standard in this type of application.
  • Permits different fittings: it can be surface or flush mounted on walls (partitions or bulkhead) or furnishings. The properties (thermal or acoustic insulation) of the surfaces are not affected.Integration in the surroundings: thanks to its clean, elegant lines, in white and aluminium - the colours most used in the sector- this product adapts to any space.
  • Integration in the surroundings: thanks to its clean, elegant lines, in white and aluminium - the colours most used in the sector- this product adapts to any space.
  • Self-formulated insulating raw material with outstanding dielectric stability, assuring extra protection for cables and users in public areas like corridors, foyers and waiting areas.

Canaletas 93 Unex

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