Renovate work areas with the Floor Trunking 74

Canal 74

Part of Unex's objectives is to provide functionality and sustainability. The Floor Trunking 74, designed to manage and protect cables in workplaces, is one of its results. Discover it!

The beginning of a new year is a good time to refurbish work environments to start with revitalised energy. Redesigning office workplaces not only has an aesthetic benefit, but can also be key to boosting users' motivation, productivity, and wellbeing. In this context, our Floor Trunking 74 is the perfect solution for implementing changes that lead to tidier, safer, and more sustainable spaces.

Some time ago, we introduced the Floor Trunking 74, in U48X, which has been designed to add value to a mature product in terms of usability, ease of installation, and design. This is a cable management system tailored to the service sector. It has high-quality technical features to ensure that work areas always look clean and tidy. With the correct layout and right planning, it also minimises the number of installations in walkways to create harmonious areas.

Canal 74 Unex, para espacios de trabajo.

Advanced design and adaptability

As it is created for workspaces, the design of the Floor Trunking 74 plays a key role in aesthetic-functional harmony. The anthracite colour helps to integrate it into interiors, optimising the environment while adding a contemporary touch. In addition, to preserve its impeccable appearance, the lid is covered with a protective film that prevents it from stains and scratches during handling and assembly.


Canal 74 Unex

High cable conduit capacity 

But it is not only the aesthetic aspect that is a plus in this product. It also covers relevant technical features that make it stand out from the rest. In fact, the Floor Trunking 74 has an exceptional wiring capacity. This feature increases and simplifies the routing of electrical and data cables to the workstation. Therefore, it significantly improves the connectivity and operability of workspaces.


Canal 74 Unex

Electrical safety

In line with our claim “Keeping you safer”, the Floor Trunking 74, like all our cable management solutions, has several characteristics that contribute to safer electrical, telecommunications, and HVAC installations.

The U48X material with a 100% recycled halogen free thermoplastic component, from which the trunking is made, is intrinsically insulating or non-conductive, providing electrical safety for people and allowing a safe working environment for all users. Also, as the Floor Trunking 74 is made of a non-conductive material, it does not need to be earthed, which is a great advantage as it saves time and money.


Canal 74 Unex, para espacios de trabajo.


The technical robustness of the Floor Trunking 74 not only ensures exceptional resistance but also long-term durability.

Its versatile design allows it to be adapted to both temporary and permanent installations. With features such as an adhesive base, installation is greatly simplified, optimising time and resources. In addition, as it is also perforated, it facilitates installation when it comes to screwing.


An all-round product

In short, the Unex Floor Trunking 74 represents the company's vision and mission to provide comprehensive, recycled, and safe solutions for today's working environments.

For more information, you can check the product technical specifications and the mounting instructions.

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