Custom-made solution for the automated metro in Barcelona (Part II)

Installation of three levels of Cable Tray 66 Unex on the Barcelona metro line
Unex Insultaing cable tray 66 on the Barcelona metro line

In 2011, TMB requires the creation of a cable distribution and protection system for the remote control network that allows the circulation of the driverless L9/L10 metro line.

Project: L9/10 line of TMB (Barcelona).

Suggested solution: Insulating cable tray 66, Omega profile and Joint cover piece in thermoplastic material

Project finished: July 2014

In previous post we broke down the advantages of the offered solution: a support, fixing and conduction system for the remote-control network made up of more than 20,000 meters of Insulating Cable Tay 66 with cover in thermoplastic material (U23X) sizes 100x200 and 100x300.

In this post we’ll walk you through the installation project, the various difficulties that came up during the mounting process and how Unex helped overcome them by offering tailored solutions to each unforeseen change.

Creation of an Omega profile

Because of the topographic nature where the tracks are laid, each railway infrastructure is unique and different from each other. In this case, the geometry of the viaduct forced our engineers to come up with a tailor-made fixing system, fully adapted to the client’s specifications.

Soportes horizontales con perfil omega

We created an Omega profile 0.75 m long, which allowed important cost savings regarding installation time and work, compared to cutting and assembling the standard 3m Unex profile.

The galvanized steel profile, with grey epoxy coating, allowed 10,000 meters of cable trays to absorb the site specific tension and vibrations. This solution also allowed us to overcome the changes in the geometry of the viaduct in the L9-L10 connection section of the line.

Technical know-how and production capacity at the clients service

Servicio al cliente

Our engineers provide personalized technical advice and work closely together with our clients. This proximity with our clients along with our more than 55 years of experience and our presence in the international standards committees (UNIFE as well as other organizations involved in the European rail industry) allow us to stay up to date with the sector´s requirements and adapt our solutions to their needs.

In the case of the L9 metro line, we put all our technical knowledge and production capacity at the clients service in order to come up with a tailor-made solution: the creation and the immediate delivery of a fastening system capable of adapting to the variable geometry of the viaduct, (galvanized steel Omega profile with grey epoxy coating).

Cost saving due to the ease of the installation, project management and maintenance

Facilidad en la instalación

Another key factor in this project was the ease of assembly: Unex solutions do not require earthing. This allows an easier installation, as well as savings in earthing execution and inspection. Furthermore, no burrs or sharp edges that can potentially damage the cable insulation are produced after cutting and manual processing the material in the worksite, nor sparks or irritant dust either. This simplifies the assembly and allows cost and time saving (no coating to the final product required).

All Unex solutions are delivered with a complete system of accessories and supports in gray ral 7035; an homogeneous color for cable trays, trunkings, screws and finishing elements, that allows the final installation to blend into any railway constructive elements

An easy mounting system is especially important in highly complex, challenging projects like the L9 in which various public and operating companies are involved. At Unex, we put our experience and technical expertise at the disposal of the client for the six months the project took to complete, in order to overcome any unforeseen events, like the geometrical deviations in the central stretch of the line and the installation of a lighting system in the railway yard.

Instalación de soportes Unex

Quick and reliable supply

The quickness and reliability of our deliveries are assured by a complete stock of all our product families in our logistic centres of Barcelona and Santiago de Chile. In the case of the L9, our proximity to the site permitted us to deliver all the components necessary at the exact moment they were needed, avoiding stockpiling on site.

Complete stock of all our references


The quality of the technical service offered, our internal productive capacity and willingness to adapt to the specific needs of the project, are key factors for the completion of one of the most innovative railway projects in Europe.

The high performance of the insulating material, capable of complying with the highest anticorrosive and electrical insulation requirements, are essential elements to protect such an advanced technology as the remote control system.


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