Kattwyk Bridge - a challenging project for Unex (Part II)

Puente Kattwyk Hamburgo

In the previous article we explained the requirements and the difficulties involved in carrying out this mega project. Here we detail our solution.

Agility, adaptability and speed of response.

In a very short time, we present a proposal that is compatible with what has already been built, intended to simplify the design of the installation: wall profile and horizontal supports plus ceiling profiles - a custom-made solution.

Our strength: formulating our own raw materials and manufacturing a complete system of electrically insulating solutions for the cable management and fixing of control, lighting, signal and medium voltage cables.

Our solution: Insulating cable tray 66, Insulating cable ladder 67 and cable cleats made of insulating material for maximum electrical safety for people and installations.


Insulating cable tray 66: for power, data and lighting lines. A solution was also sought to prevent sagging of small diameter cables.

Our ceiling profiles were adapted to the existing fixings in the concrete, and by using the Insulating cable tray 66, we were able to increase the passage distance, allowing better access for the operators and complying with the Safety at Work regulations.

Puente Kattwyk

For medium voltage, Insulating cable ladder 67 and cable cleats were used.

Anclajes de cables galería subterránea

The advantages of insulating material:

  • Maximum electrical safety for people and for the installation.
  • No need for earthing or equipotential bonding, reducing the risk of indirect contact.
  • No transmission of dangerous currents.
  • No possibility of short-circuit due to contact of damaged phases with the cable tray.
  • Added protection against electric shock by eliminating the risk of different potentials, due to the small passage distance between the trays.
  • No maintenance required for earthing or corrosión.


Galería Puente Kattwyk

As an electrically insulating ,own-formulated raw material, no coating of the final product is required. Therefore, the electrical insulation and corrosion protection remain unchanged over time and also after cutting, drilling and manual processing the material in the worksite.


Customer service, the added value of Unex

We support and advise the customer throughout the entire process: analysis of requirements and needs, presentation and validation of our proposal, purchase and delivery of our products, and even the installation.

Servicio al cliente Unex

The customer was very satisfied with our service: from the technical proposal to the advice, delivery, support and follow-up of the whole project.


If you have a project and need more information, get in touch with us and we will advise you based on your needs and requirements.






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