Betting on electrical safety at WWTP Galindo

EDAR Galindo, electrical safety with Unex Insulating cable trays 66

The WWTP Galindo required resistance against corrosion and electrical safety. Unex’s products and personal assistance were the solution!

Project: Expansion and renovation of the electrical installation of the Galindo WWTP

Offered solution: Insulating tray 66 in U23X and in U43X halogen free

Year of completion : 2016

¨Thank you for your help and for all the professional indications during the visit to the site (...)¨ Technician from electrical area of Consorcio de Agua Bilbao

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Galindo WWTP, the largest treatment plant in Biscay

The Galindo WWTP is the cornerstone of Biscay's integral sanitation plan. It purifies 80% of the waste water in the area covered by the plan. Located in Sestao, it occupies a surface area of 20 ha next to the River Galindo. The first phase came into service in 1991 and the second phase in 1998. It has an admissible flow of 12,600 litres per second, with a treatment capacity of 345,000 m3 per day.

Bandeja 66 Unex junto al río Galindo

The project

The plant has an advanced system for treating sludge that is thickened in decanters and then dewatered in filter presses, after which it is sent to furnaces for incineration. The steam generated is used to obtain electrical energy.

In 2014, the need arises to update the electrical installations and modernize equipment that came from phase 1 and 2 (years 1985-1990). They had installed conductive material that caused problems of oxidation and corrosion.

Bandeja 66 Unex exterior

The new equipment of automation and the little capacity for future canalizations were the main reasons to begin the work. This necessity, derived in having to make a ring that bordered the different buildings from the treatment plant in order to canalize new cables and to guarantee therefore electrical supply in all the plant.

The trays that ran through the outdoor areas had problems with corrosion due to the plant's humid and aggressive environment.

The challenge: To extend the electrical installation using scalable, corrosion-resistant products that provide electrical safety.

Why did they choose Unex Insulating cable trays 66?

The electrical installation is a ring throughout the plant where the cables are of medium voltage and the trays can be within reach of the plant operators. Choosing a product that guarantees the highest electrical safety was the number one priority for the property. That is why Unex Insulating cable tray 66 was the perfect solution.

Bandejas 66 Unex en EDAR Galindo

The solution

A system of support, conduction and protection of the cables formed by more than 3,000 m of Insulating cable tray 66 with cover in U23X for installation outside and more than 4,500 m in U43X halogen-free material for the inside of the buildings.

The technical requirements set by the property sought to guarantee the electrical safety of the installation and people and durability.

Thanks to our own formulation of the raw material and always up to date with the needs of each sector and application, our products offer the most performing technical characteristics regarding:

  • Electrical safety: With the insulating cable trays 66 you have maximum electrical safety for both people and installation. The electrical insulation is maintained over time, even after the product has been cut and handled. The Insulating cable tray 66 is an inert product and prevents overloading of the cable system.
Bandejas 66 Unex en galerías técnicas de la EDAR Galindo
  • Resistance to corrosion: The corrosion protection remains unchanged in the course of time and after cutting and handling the cable tray. According to the Cable tray standard IEC 61537:2007, Unex insulating materials are¨ inherently resistant to corrosion and do not require testing¨.
  • Suitable for outdoor: More than 45 years of experience in outdoor installations guarantee our Insulation Tray 66 as the best option when installed outdoors or exposed to the UV rays.
  • Easy to install: We have all the components to make it easy, fast and reduce installation times. In the case of the Galindo treatment plant, we were able to verify the time savings when installing the 100x600 insulating cable tray with its finishing elements, such as the flat corner.

Discover here all the advantages of our Insulating cable tray 66

In the following video you can see the durability and reliability of our Insulated Cable trays 66, explained by one of our customers:

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