Trunking 73: Maximum sturdiness and durability

New design Trunking 73 Unex

The Trunking 73 has been redesigned to make the assembly easier and obtain safer, longer-lasting and more reliable installations.

Staying close to the market and clients´s needs in order to create and offer the optimal solutions regarding safety, durability and reliability is what we do best! We are also dedicated to continuous research in order to keep improving in every way. This has been made possible thanks to the close relationship we maintain with our clients and our internal production capacity: for more than 55 years we have been sensitive to market demands and continue to improve our products in response to changes in regulations.

Primer diseño de Canal 73 Unex

  • In 1971, UNEX developed UNEXCONS, a new concept for installing cables through trunking, and launched the first model in the Spanish market as an alternative to traditional ducts.
  • In 1988, after Spain joined the Common Market, UNEX succeeded in improving the Low-Voltage Electro-Technical Standard for authorising the use of insulating trunking according to the criteria in force in EEC countries.
  • In 1990, as a consequence of the several introduced improvements, we launched Trunking 73: The first trunking on the market with flexible partitioning, in the early stages of the coexistence of electrical and communications cables.
  • As an international novelty we established the three-metre length, which entails considerable labour savings in assembly as well as better finishes, as cut marks are eliminated.
  • Today the use of Trunking 73 as a refurbishment component has become indispensable. The new design of our Trunking 73 for cable installation and protection is the result of our drive to innovate and improve.   
Rehabilitación de fachadas con Canal 73

Advantages of the new design for the installer and user

The new design of our Trunking 73 includes the following new features conceived to give optimum features for both the installer and user:

1. Pre-assembled junctions:

Nueva Unión pre-montada
  • 2 junctions are supplied at one end of the profile’s length. These junctions mechanically join two lengths of profile guaranteeing their perfect alignment, facilitating the mounting and fixing of the bases on the surface
  • Easy installation: can be assembled by one person.
  • Easy to install suspended: no need for screws.
  • Cost effective: less time, human resources, tools and material needed to install.

2. Cable retainer

Nuevo puente retenedor
  • The profile is supplied with a cable retainer for every 0,5m, attached to the side. It can be fitted at any point along the profile, depending on the demands of the installation.
  • It fulfills two roles: retaining the cables during the fitting and offering additional security when opening the trunking. In outdoor installations and those in public spaces, where additional security is required, this becomes an additional advantage.

3. Compatible with former model

The new model is fully compatible with the former design, allowing it to be integrated with pre-existing installations using Trunking 73.        


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