Where can our Cable ties 22 HD be installed?

Chemical industry requires specific products, as Unex Cable ties 22HD

The manufacturing process, the development the new materials and the unique design of our cable ties, have allowed us to offer improved technical characteristics for any type of application.

Cable ties 22 HD are specially designed for chemical environments both in indoor and outdoor installations, with high humidity, low temperatures and where good mechanical resistance is required.

Why are special materials necessary in chemical environments?

In many industries you work with aggressive products such as paints, acids, detergents, oils, solvents... either as part of production processes or for cleaning and disinfection of plants.  The materials used in these environments must have special characteristics that provide adequate chemical resistance so that they do not deform and lose their properties.

Industria química

These very specific materials are widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in the food industry.

The food sector is characterised by high demands on production safety. In a previous article we talked about detectability in the food industry, with respect to quality and safety standards in food safety. But another key point of this industry is the increase of hygiene in the facilities with the intensive use of corrosive cleaning products that can deteriorate the machines, equipment and materials used in production lines, packaging plants and outdoor areas.

The Cable ties 22 HD for chemical environments have been specially designed with these installations in mind, thanks to our long experience in the industry and our proximity to customers.

An example of application where the Cable ties 22 HD respond to the requirements of the food industry are the closed circuits, in the production processes of liquid foods (dairy products, sweetened drinks, mineral water, etc.), where the cleaning products used are highly corrosive.

Las bridas 22HD para líneas de producción el la industria añimentaria

What makes Cable ties 2 HD suitable for chemical environments?

The raw material for our Cable ties  22 HD is Unex´s speciallyccdeveloped weather-stabilized formulation (they have a very good UV resistance) and is resistant to most chemicalsThe insulating locking mechanism is of high resistance ant the inner teeth do not damage the wiring. They are also easy to mount and thread. The design of the head ensures good anchorage and adjustment of the cable tie.

Bridas 22HD Unex aptas para ambientes químicos interiores y exteriores

Our raw materials are RoHS compliant. The quality of Unex solutions is accredited by strict compliance with product and application standards, and by obtaining the most prestigious Approvals and Quality Marks.

Due to the existence of factors that influence the behaviour of the cable ties against of a chemical agent (concentration, temperature, ultraviolet light, type of assembly, etc.), we can provide you with personalised advice, depending on the requirements and needs of each case.

If you still have doubts about the application of this product in the food and chemical industries, you can consult all the characteristics of the Cable ties 22 HD in their technical data sheet.

Bridas 22 HD con montaje fácil y rápido sin herramientas específicas

The Cable ties 22 HD are always in stock and we offer availability and a reliable delivery thanks to our extensive network of distributors.

Through our team of professionals we are always in contact with our clients and their needs as well as with the new requirements of the sector. For this reason, and because of the particularity of each case, at Unex we offer the possibility of analyzing each request in a personalized way to offer the best solution.

The safety of people and facilities is our priority!




On the Unex blog, we cover a wide range of topics of interest and share experiences from our clients. We remind you that all legal information and information regarding compliance with applicable regulations can be found on our official website. We invite you to consult it for a more comprehensive and accurate understanding.


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