Exploring facilities: a journey with Unex

Explorando instalaciones con Unex.

Sixty years of experience have allowed us to specialise in different markets. All our projects have one thing in common: Keeping you safer.

Behind each of our projects is a story of innovation, durability, and excellence that we want to share with you. In this article, we invite you to explore some of the most outstanding ones, where our products have left their indelible mark: a safer, more durable, and cost-effective installation.



Solar roof in Walvis Bay, Namibia

Cubierta solar en Walvis Bay, Namibia

Walvis Bay is a coastal town with 80,000 inhabitants, located in Namibia, Africa. Its desert climate and its scarce annual rainfall of 10 mm make it one of the driest places on the planet, and at the same time, it is situated in one of the countries with the highest UV radiation in the world. In 2019, we were approached to provide an insulating cable management system for the solar roof of a shopping centre.

Since the installation is located close to the sea, the customer required a corrosion-resistant solution with good UV resistance to achieve a minimum durability of 25 years.

After addressing their concerns and proving the durability of our products by providing examples such as the Fairfield Water Treatment Plant in Australia, where our Insulating cable tray 66 has remained unchanged for 30 years, the customer opted for the cable tray 66 made of U23X. During installation, they were very pleased to see how quick and easy it was to instal our system.


Port Industry in Port Canaveral, USA

 Industria portuaria en Puerto Cañaveral, Estados Unidos

Port Canaveral is on the east coast of Florida, USA. It is known as one of the busiest cruise terminals in the world, and it is estimated that in 2023, more than 4 million passengers passed through. Since 2012, our RAL 7035 grey Insulating cable tray 66 in U23X, has been part of this crowded scenario: it is installed on a passenger boarding bridge, where it continues to fulfil its function of cable routing, without requiring maintenance or replacement.

Ten  years ago, the customer contacted Unex in search of a durable outdoor solution that offered maximum electrical and mechanical safety and avoided the risk of fire. The salt corrosion resistance of all our products was an added value, and the durability of Unex cable management products, empirically proven over the six decades we have been specialists in insulating materials, was the trigger for their trust in us.



Road infrastructure in Cartagena, Colombia

Infraestructura viaria en Cartagena, Colombia

The Crespo submerged tunnel is in Cartagena, Colombia. Built below sea level, this engineering work was designed to relieve traffic congestion in the Cartagena airport area, while preserving the integrity of the surrounding neighbourhood.

To conduct and protect the electrical installation, our customer contacted us because he required a product that had to be resistant to corrosion caused by the salinity of the marine environment, due to its proximity to the sea. The solution chosen for this purpose was our Insulating cable tray 66 in U23X: thanks to our own-formulated raw materials, this product meets the requirements, making it the ideal solution for this installation.

In addition, other installations in Colombia have demonstrated the adaptability of our cable management products to the Caribbean climate. One example is the decade of proven durability of our tray in the Port of Santa Marta.



Metal Industry in Upper Austria, Austria

Industria metalúrgica en Oberösterreich, Austria

In the heart of Central Europe, Upper Austria, a major metallurgical company opted for our solutions. The customer approached us with the need to route and manage the cables within their facilities through a system that meets the requirements of corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of installation.

The Insulating cable ladder 67 turned out to be the ideal solution; a versatile product that also holds the distinction of being the first recyclable thermoplastic cable ladder in the world. The customer highlighted the technical support that our team of engineers provided on this project, attending to all their concerns and needs. With Unex, you will always be well advised. Wherever you are.



Sports facilities in Paris, France

Instalaciones deportivas en París, Francia

Our perforated Insulating cable tray 66 completely matches the design of the Paris Olympic Aquatic Centre located in Val-de-Mar in the city of Paris, France.

When we were contacted for this new swimming pool building, the requirements were clear: a product was needed to route and protect the cables in a corrosive environment, that resists chlorine, moisture, and all the chemicals used to clean and disinfect in this type of installation. Of course, Unex had the solution.



Office building in Valladolid, Spain

Alimentación de mobiliario para oficinas en Valladolid, España

At the Madison Arena Call Centre offices in Valladolid, Spain, a flexible cable laying system was required that would fit in with the architectural design of the site. While Unex is at times associated with outdoor projects, our innovative insulating cable management systems can be used in all types of electrical, telecommunications, and HVAC installations, both outdoors and indoors.

This is how we came to the city of Pisuerga to offer our Insulating trunking 93, specially designed to manage cables in buildings for administrative use, such as offices, schools, or libraries. The client chose this trunking because it can be mounted attached to or embedded in walls (partitions, partition walls, etc.) and furniture, giving it great versatility.

This project also reflects who we are: specialists since 1964. Our insulating solutions are not limited to certain environments. Our innovation is focussed on offering solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers, ensuring efficient, safe, and cost-effective installations.



When the goal is to innovate

At Unex, we continue to explore different environments and facilities around the world. When the destination of your project is innovation, the journey always continues; it never stops.

Now that you know a little more about our trajectory, what are you waiting for?

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